Why are managed IT support services important for schools?


As UK schools increasingly invest in ICT to equip students for the digitalized workforce, the significance of ICT in education continues to grow. Computer technology plays an unprecedented role in the lives of young people today.

Beyond preparing them for a lifetime of safe, responsible, and healthy computer use, integrating ICT into the school curriculum facilitates more personalized learning and heightened productivity. However, this integration also underscores the growing need for quality IT support in educational institutions.

The array of technologies available in schools today introduces exciting methods for engaging young minds, offering limitless resources from around the world to broaden their horizons and shape their perceptions. ICT enhances students' understanding of the world, their interactions, and even their fine motor skills.

Yet, with the average secondary school now boasting around 430 computers within a larger interconnected web of devices, its IT network demands a level of support akin to that of a large business but with a more specialized focus.


When Do Schools & Education Providers Need IT Support?


To create an optimal learning environment, ensuring top-tier IT monitoring, support, and maintenance is imperative. However, selecting the right IT provider for your school's unique needs can pose a significant challenge.

In the realm of IT support in education, the paramount focus is on the well-being and safeguarding of students during their use of computers and devices. Mismanagement of ICT in schools can expose students to substantial risks, extending beyond the mere monitoring of computer screens to mitigate exposure to harmful, inappropriate, or exploitative content and cyber threats.

In today's digital age, where children are computer-literate from an early age, a well-functioning, robust, and expertly maintained IT support system is a critical necessity for educational institutions. The government underscores this importance in its 2019 guidelines on keeping children safe in education, recommending that educational centers take every reasonable measure to create a safe online environment. The guidelines emphasize the need for appropriate filters and monitoring systems to mitigate potential risks associated with the school's IT infrastructure.


What It Support Services For Schools Do We Offer?


With experience in providing specialist IT support for schools, Lassa Ltd's expert team are familiar with the benefits and potential risks that these technologies bring. The security measures we provide can minimise threats to vulnerable children by offering robust protection from all types of harmful content.

Our fully-managed proactive support service will also keep your school’s IT systems free of viruses and other invasive malware, as well as taking care of any necessary software updates and hardware performance.

Lassa Ltd’s team of friendly IT experts have years of experience in making IT systems run without a hitch. For a guaranteed 24/7 support service, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to find the perfect solution for you.

Why Lassa-Ltd IT Support

Connecting with Lassa-Ltd for managed IT services for small businesses means getting the time to focus more on expanding your core business as we take care of complex IT-related tasks, such as cloud computing, development, and deploying, monitoring and maintenance, ensuring cyber security, offering end-user support and more!

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