Why do you need us ?

Our professionals always assist with management to ensure peak performance, whether your company employs an in-house IT team, outsources its IT, or still needs an IT specialist. You will have the calm confidence to go about your day as usual.

Complete Managed IT

We will handle your network and IT support while you concentrate on running your business.

Co-Managed Services

We can customize a solution to meet your business's requirements, whether in infrastructure support and planning or help desk and end-user assistance.

Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

We can advise you on leveraging cutting-edge solutions and established policies and procedures to keep your business safe in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Cloud Hosted Infrastructure & Management

We provide support and cloud-hosted solutions for everything from servers and firewalls to email. We can help you reduce the amount of local hardware you need.

Business Continuity

In the event of an incident, ensure that you plan to restore normal operations and keep your critical systems online by implementing appropriate solutions.


Our in-house help desk staff is conveniently located nearby and ready to assist your team.

Why Lassa-Ltd IT Support

Connecting with Lassa-Ltd for managed IT services for small businesses means getting the time to focus more on expanding your core business as we take care of complex IT-related tasks, such as cloud computing, development, and deploying, monitoring and maintenance, ensuring cyber security, offering end-user support and more!

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