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Free Offer

  • $ 00.00

    per month

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Mandatory Audit
  • Free Support
  • Management Accounting
  • Investment Plan

Business Offer

  • $ 50.00

    per month

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Lending Balances
  • Mandatory Audit
  • Free Support
  • Investment Banking
  • Complete Statistics

Business Offer

  • $ 90.0

    per month

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Lending Balances
  • Mandatory Audit
  • E-mail Support
  • Wealth Management Client
  • Investment Banking

We Offer following bespoke packages

Without proper maintenance, you will run into IT problems down the line. Lassa-Ltd specialise in a range of pre-emptive maintenance plans for small to medium schools who need reliable performance. We can also maintain network infrastructure for larger schools, and offer impartial advice

Network Maintenance Plan

  • Maintaining switches

  • Maintaining hubs

  • Maintaining routers

  • Maintaining print servers

  • Maintaining printers

  • Maintaining firewall rules

  • Updating firewall operating system

  • Maintaining UPS’s

  • and much more

Computer Maintenance Plans

  • Antivirus software check-ups

  • Disk space utilisation

  • Defragmentation of hard drives

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues

  • Purging temporary internet files

  • Software check-ups

  • Checking log files

  • Installing updates and service packs

Server Maintenance Plan

  • Checking server log files

  • Applying necessary service packs and updates

  • Maintaining disk space

  • Maintaining security

  • Maintaining application functionality

  • Maintaining redundancy

  • Recommending software and hardware upgrades

  • Maintaining backups

  • and more, depending on your system

Why Lassa-Ltd IT Support

Connecting with Lassa-Ltd for managed IT services for small businesses means getting the time to focus more on expanding your core business as we take care of complex IT-related tasks, such as cloud computing, development, and deploying, monitoring and maintenance, ensuring cyber security, offering end-user support and more!

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